Why you should choose Eli’s

Eli’s Cheesecake is a Gourmet Cheesecake

What makes a cheesecake “Gourmet” vs. “Commodity”?

  • The commodity cheesecake may contain cheese blends (blends of cream cheese with processed vegetable fats with trans-fats), non-dairy vegetable fats instead of 100% sour cream or heavy cream and artificial vanilla.
  • The commodity baker may find it more cost efficient to blend all 20 of the ingredients into a continuous mixer, which instantly emulsifies the vegetable fats for more stability and reduces the mixing time by 500%. The additional ingredients come from artificial blends of cream cheese mixtures, non-dairy mixtures, bulking agents (i.e. high fructose corn syrup), and a high proportion of modified cornstarch to replace dairy products.

Gourmet cheesecakes, such as Eli’s Original Plain Cheesecake, use only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients such as cream cheese, sugar, eggs, sour cream or cream, vanilla, starch and salt.

  • These seven ingredients are typical of the gourmet cheesecake verses a commodity cheesecake that can have up to twenty ingredients for a plain cheesecake.
  • Gourmet cheesecake bakeries slowly fold in ingredients until they naturally incorporate and blend together.
  • A gourmet cheesecake bakery will take time to decorate their cheesecakes carefully by hand.


Eli’s Cheesecake Is Made With More Cream Cheese

How does the Cream Cheese in Cheesecake Make a Difference?

  • Even “gourmet cheesecake” companies have cut costs by reducing the amount of the most expensive ingredients — dairy ingredients. Most cheesecake bakers are using only 37% to 45% cream cheese and making up the solids with other ingredients such as more eggs and starches. Eli’s Cheesecake continues our tradition and commitment to quality by using 55 to 60% cream cheese in all varieties.
  • Eli’s uses cultured cream cheese that takes 10 day to naturally process using natural acids before it is shipped to our bakery. Other bakeries use uncultured cream cheese which is processed using additives such as rennet or milk solids. To take it one step further, other bakeries use cream cheese blends (blends of cream cheese with processed vegetable fats with trans-fats to lower costs even further. Since cream cheese should be a primary ingredient in cheesecakes, the better your cream cheese, the better your cheesecake!


Eli’s is a Chicago-Style Cheesecake

What Makes Eli’s a Chicago-Style Cheesecake?

  • Eli’s Cheesecake established a smooth, creamy cheesecake compared to Old World New York style cheesecake, which is a traditionally drier and chewier cheesecake due to adding more solids and aiming for less moisture in their formulations. Even though Eli’s is a dry baked cheesecake, it is creamier due to its high percentage of cultured cream cheese and additional cultured sour cream.


Eli’s is Recognized by Leading Publications for its Outstanding Product and Reputation

  • “The best cheesecake for purists…”  –Bon Appetit
  • … a local product making a national reputation because it is one of the best”  -The New York Times


Eli’s Brand Name is Synonymous for Quality

    • Baked with the highest quality, all natural ingredients including pure Madagascar vanilla
    • Hand-decorated by trained pastry bakers


Eli’s Has a Proven, Unique Flavor Profile

  • All-butter cookie crust
  • Smooth and creamy texture from our custom blend of sour cream and cream cheese


Branding is One of the Hottest Marketing Techniques in the Restaurant Industry

  • All-butter cookie crust
  • According to industry estimates, branding could generate sales increases of almost 40% if done right. Source: Restaurants and Institutions


Eli’s is a Family-Owned Company with a Heritage and Legend that is Only Ours and Embraced by Consumers

  • THE ELI’S LEGEND: It all started when Eli Schulman decided to create a special dessert for his Chicago restaurant, Eli’s the Place for Steak. He developed a cheesecake so rich and creamy, its fame grew by word-of-mouth, and now Eli’s is the #1 specialty cheesecake bakery in the country. Since 1980, Eli’s has had a lot of fun creating giant cheesecakes for such great celebrations as the 1993 & 1997 Presidential Inaugurals in Washington D.C., Disney World’s 25th Anniversary, Chicago’s 150th Birthday and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 50th birthday. Eli’s has also been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Oprah, and NBC Extra. So with every bite of Eli’s Cheesecake and Eli’s other spectacular desserts, you really are getting a taste of the rich and famous.

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