Vegan Dairy Free Cheesecake

dairy-free-vegan-chocolate-cheesecakeYes, it’s an oxymoron, but we’ve created a dessert without dairy that is so rich and creamy, we couldn’t resist calling it “cheesecake.” Plant-based and certified vegan by the Vegan Action Foundation, Eli’s Dairy Free Cheesecake contains no animal products or by-products, and is dairy free and egg free. We are proud to use locally-sourced, GMO free tofu, and GMO free vegan cream cheese alternative.


Why is Vegan & Dairy Free Important?*

  • 40% of  U.S. Consumers increased their consumption of meat substitutes/alternatives in 2017
  • Plant-based meat alternatives are growing by 24% (compared to just 6% the previous year), topping $670 million in sales. By comparison, animal meat sales are only growing by 2%.
  • 33% of U.S. consumers increased their consumption of plant-based milk/yogurt in the past 2 years.
  • Plant-based product claims increased by 62% globally between 2013 and 2017.
  • Plant-based dairy alternatives are expected to comprise 40% of the total dairy/dairy alternatives market by 2021
  • While vegetarians & vegans together only account for less than 15% of all consumers, there is a growing number of consumers identifying themselves as flexitarian or lessitarian (meaning they cut back on their consumption of animal-based foods and beverages), and these are the consumers most responsible for the significant shift from dairy milk to plant-based milk.

Demand for Plant-Based is increasing**

  • Plant-based proteins are seeing a rise in demand, as case shipments of plant-based protein from broadline foodservice distributors to foodservice operators increased by 20 percent in the year ending November 2018 compared to one year previously.
  • Approximately 25% of the U.S. population, many of whom are not vegetarian or vegan, report eating and drinking plant-based foods and beverages along with animal protein on a regular basis. 
  • Factors behind the mainstreaming of plant-based proteins include:

⋅ Adding protein to one’s diet
⋅ Perceiving them as a better-for-you option
⋅ Concern about animal welfare and want to know how products are brought to market

Plant-Based Options are Growing***

  • The word “vegan” now shows up on 11% of U.S. chain restaurant menus
  • 55% of the top U.S. restaurant chains now offer at least one plant-based entree
  • Shipments of plant-based protein from distributors to U.S. restaurants rose 20% in the year ending in November 2018, and there was double-digit growth in every area of the country
  • Grubhub, a third-party delivery system, reported a 19% increase in plant-based meal orders in 2017

Plant-Based is Hot****

  • In the US, 62% of consumers now claim to eat meat alternatives, at least occasionally

⋅ 30% watching cholesterol
⋅ 29% watching saturated fat
⋅ 28% trying to lose weight

    • Acosta research shows 71% of shoppers who purchase plant-based alternatives also eat mean

    ⋅ 34% of meat-eating millennials eat 4 or more vegetarian dinners a week

About Eli’s Vegan Dairy Free Cheesecake

  • What it IS:

⋅ Dairy free
⋅ Egg free
⋅ Cholesterol free
⋅ Certified vegan – no animal products in ingredients or processing, not tested on animals
⋅ Certified Kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council

  • What it is NOT:

⋅ It is NOT gluten free
⋅ It is NOT fat free
⋅ It is NOT allergen-free

Available in 2 Formats

  • Tray:

⋅ Quarter Tray / 20 cut / 4 pack / 48 oz.
⋅ Eli’s #885528
⋅ DOT #663737







  • Single Serve Slice:

⋅ Individually Wrapped / 36 pack / 1.85 oz. each
⋅ Eli’s #288316
⋅ DOT #685225



*Sprouting Reasons to Stock Plant-Based Foods & Beverages, Convenience Store News, 01/2019

**Demand for Plant-Based Proteins Increasing Among Foodservice Operators, Convenience Store News, 02/19

***More Major U.S. Restaurant Chains Are Putting Plant-Based Meals On The Menu, Forbes, 01/19

****Fona International Trend Insight Report: Meat Alternatives, 11/18


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