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Copy of EliSchulmanBlackandWhite The Eli’s Cheesecake Company is the country’s largest specialty cheesecake bakery, creating 50+ varieties of cheesecakes in a variety of sizes and cuts plus other delicious desserts like layers cakes, tira mi su, fruit crisps, dessert bars, and more. Eli’s uses the finest ingredients like pure Madagascar vanilla, cultured cream cheese and sour cream, fresh Michigan apples (never frozen or processed), fine chocolates, real key lime juice and more. Eli’s desserts are certified kosher and contain no artificial trans fats. Eli’s desserts are baked in small batches and each is decorated by hand. It is our mission to support local farmers, vendors and small businesses whenever possible.


Eli’s Cheesecake was the dream of Chicago restauranteur Eli Schulman. Over his almost 50-year career, he developed a reputation for serving up great food, providing outstanding service and making every customer feel important. Eli’s first venture in the restaurant business began in 1940 with the popular Chicago coffee shop Eli’sObama Staff Inaugural Ball Cake 2013 Ogden Huddle, later followed by Eli’s Stage Delicatessen. In 1966 he opened Eli’s the Place for Steak, a celebrity hangout for the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. Working in his restaurant’s kitchen in the 1970’s, Eli created a cheesecake so rich and creamy that his customers proclaimed it “Chicago’s finest.” In 1980, Eli’s Cheesecake made its public debut at the Taste of Chicago (America’s largest food festival) and it was a hit! Since then, it has grown from a local favorite to one of the country’s largest specialty cheesecake bakeries. Our desserts are now enjoyed throughout the world – our Original Plain Cheesecake was served at President Obama’s Inaugural Staff Ball in 2013!


PlainAlthough our company, still a family-owned business, has grown a lot since 1980, we still take our time to create the highest quality desserts by slow baking in small batches, and allowing the finest ingredients to develop to their optimum flavors – the key to achieving Eli’s unique taste and texture. Our goal is simple: to create the best cheesecakes and desserts possible, using the finest ingredients available, and to share our company’s success with its talented associates and its community.






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