Eli’s Taste of Success Merchandising Program

Eli’s is committed to providing you with the best cheesecakes and desserts, plus everything you need to make the most of your dessert sales. That’s why we created Eli’s FREE Taste of Success Merchandising Program (minimum purchase required, see your broker or Eli’s Sales Associate for details).

Eli’s Table Tents

Table Tents Available for almost every flavor of Eli’s Cheesecakes and Desserts, Eli’s table tents are a great way to remind customers to save room for dessert. Table tents can be displayed on tables to let customers know what delicious desserts are available as a wonderful finale to their dining experience. When customers see the tempting picture of Eli’s dessert and read the delicious description, they will be certain to save room for dessert. You can also use Eli’s table tents to help create a separate dessert menu. When it is time to talk about desserts, show customers Eli’s table tents so they can see and read about the great desserts you have to offer. This is a creative and, best-of-all, FREE way to let customers know about your dessert selections.

Eli’s Product name cards

Eli's Name Cards Eli’s product name cards are an attractive and clear way to identify cakes when displaying them in a refrigerated or frozen bakery case.

Eli’s Counter Cards

Eli’s Counter Cards Place them on your counter or by your register or even hang them on your walls to help promote Eli’s Cheesecakes and Desserts.

Single Serve Racks

Single Serve Racks Display and serve in style! Holds 9 slices of Eli’s Single Serves. Perfect for grab n’ go coolers and refrigerator/freezer displays.

Eli’s FREE Dessert Menu Program

MenuCovers Eli’s Menu Program: Eli’s will print custom dessert menus for your operation with a minimum purchase of 3 different Eli’s flavors (no competitive cheesecakes). We’ll even include your company logo and a listing of your own house-made desserts! There are several different menu covers to choose from, ranging from classic to fun to contemporary styles. Contact your broker or Eli’s Sales Associate for details.